Women’s Equality Day 26 August 2024 National Day

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In ancient times, women had no rights to any work. And when the age of the empires has come. Then the kings and other famous men’s wanted their women to live in the house and do all the work at home. As well as that, most men didn’t give respect to their women. And they were cruel to their women, and they did many cruel things to them when, by chance, women made any mistake. But as soon as time passed, the cruelty on the women’s side became less. But cruelty on the servants’ women was also continued.

After that age of cruelty to women, a time entered women’s side. In 1920, the US presented the nineteenth amendment in the right for women to give complete rights to women and provided all rights for women to do all work without any problem. But the nineteenth amendment was reclaimed in the second wave of 1970. And set 26 August as Women’s independent day. And this day is also known by many other names.

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Women’s equality day is an exceptional day for women. Because of this day, women get the right to start their businesses and work at any place with other men safely. After the nineteenth amendment by the US, women get all rights and no cruelty on women after this amendment.

After the nineteenth amendment, a day called Women’s equality day every year came for women. That day is 26 August. This is the independence day for women. And we should celebrate this day with our women happily. And we should celebrate this day like other special days because this day is very much special for women.

In addition, we should appreciate the women who work around us. And also have to vote for women to provide them all their rights to do any work without any worry or problem. Additionally, we have to provide the right to women to do their business, and companies have to focus on hiring female business managers. Because women are also very talented and intelligent. Therefore, women have the right to work as a boss and managers of the business.

As well as that, today, all companies have to check their policies. Because if they have any policy against women. Then they must have to change their policies. Because today women have rights to jobs at any company and other places. Therefore, companies must focus on that and provide complete respect and rights to men.

Today, we must educate students and other people about Women’s equality day because this day is much more critical for every woman. Therefore, people should be knowledgeable about this day so that they respect all women and participate in this day’s celebration.

Besides that, let me tell you that according to the women’s law centres, today, many women are living in harmful environments because those women have no one to care for. Therefore, today it is significant for every person to collect significant things for women and provide them so they live peacefully. And it is our responsibility to care for those women who don’t have anyone to care for. As well as that, if any women are working in the company, then it is the responsibility of that company to give a good salary to the women. And also, the company should have to provide many benefits to women.

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