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staying with relative apk is the roleplaying game in which a girl live with their relatives house and do work of their house
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Lots of games are available on the internet. But the users want to play amazing and interesting games. Therefore, today, we discussed Staying with Relative APK in our article. It is the best simulation game. When you play this game, you never feel bored. You will get amazing game features. As part of this, you can experience how to manage your relations with your relatives in real life. In the game, they mostly experience real-life problems. So now download the game and enjoy its amazing features.

Ellizapps is the developer of the Staying with Relative game. They are very famous for developing simulation games for Android devices. But this plays a very big role in the popularity of the developers. This game provides lots of features. The graphics and gameplay of the game are especially interesting for the users. In addition to that, the storyline of the game is also very impressive. When you read its storyline, you never want to stop playing this game.

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download staying with relative apk

Impressive Storyline

The storyline of Staying with Relative download apk is very impressive. If you want to play this game, then you need to understand its complete storyline. Therefore, we provide complete information about this game in the article. So now you need to read our article and learn how to play this game. When you understand the storyline and gameplay of the game, you can easily complete all its challenging tasks.

When staying with relatives, you must live in a family with happiness. This game teaches you how to face problems and manage relationships. In this game, you can complete lots of challenges and solve the mysteries of your family. At each level, you must solve new problems. Keep in mind that all problems are more difficult than in previous levels. Therefore, this game became more interesting. Therefore, we recommend that you download the game on your Android devices and enjoy it in your free time.

Fantastic Features

Now we tell you about all the fantastic features of Staying with Relative APK Download. All features are given below in the article. You open the article and learn how to use its features while playing the game.

Management of Quarters

Staying with the Relative mod apk allows the users to manage their houses for living with relatives. This game is also used to create descriptions for every person who is a member of the family. Even it provides all personal information, including contact details, emergency contacts, and any necessary partiality. In this way, you can transfer any information from one place to another in an emergency.

Task organization

Staying with Relatives APK is a very interesting game. But the most interesting feature is that this game assigns different tasks to different families. This means that you must take responsibility for solving many family problems. Every member of the family has different tasks in the game. It is the best way to promote effective communication between relatives. In this way, you can easily run the family setups.

Good Communication

Suppose you want to stage a movie with your relatives. Then it’s the best way of communicating with relatives. Download Staying with Relative APK provides this feature in the game. In this way, you can exchange your messages and points of view. In addition to that, you can create chat groups and call groups. Where you and your relatives send messages and share updates. In this way, you must discuss important matters and make new strategies for your family and relatives.

Different categories of games

When you start the play, stay with relatives apk. Then it would help if you played different ways of playing games. It means that this game provides different modes of play. Every mod has different levels and strategies. In this way, you can face different problems because every mode has a different storyline. In this way, you are never bored with the game while you play it.


Is this game free from the internet?

Yes, if you want to play the staying with relative apk. Then you must download it from our website and enjoy all its features absolutely free.

Is this game safe for Android devices?

Yes, this game is 100% safe for the android devices. Because it is very light, and Android devices easily support this game.

when will the new update stay with relative apk?

The new update of Staying with Relative APK latest version is 7 October 2023. So the new update will be after 2 or 3 months.


Today, we talk about Staying with Relative APK latest version. It is the best simulation game. In which you can learn new things. Such as how to manage your family problems. How to communicate with your family members. In this game, you are a family member. When you start the game, you get lots of features. One of them is that you can manage the quarter for your relative. In addition, you can strengthen your communication with your relatives.

In which you can share all matters of the family and make them a strong bond. You will enjoy lots of game modes here, where you can experience the best storyline. In the game, you have a task to solve it and get rewards. We advise you to download this game because you must handle all problems in your real life. It also provides you with lots of entertainment.

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