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only tik apk is the app work like tiktok you can also create bold videos hot and spicy video and get a lot of fame
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At this age, social media is the main platform for gaining popularity worldwide. In this social media tik tok is the most favourite app. But today, we discussed its adult version. The name of this app is only tik apk. This app is best for those who want to share adult and romantic videos with their viewers. Therefore the requirement is to use users minimum above 18 + year people. The original tik tok app banned adult videos. But you can share your adult shorts videos with this app, and your account will never block or ban. Therefore, most young people use this app.

When you use the original tik tok app on your device. Then you never allow any adult or romantic video to share it. Therefore third-party developers are developing this app for young people. You will share all types of videos and shorts. The use of this app is similar to the original app. Therefore when you use this app, you easily understand all features and controls of this app. You did not need to work hard for this app. Therefore if you also want to share any video and your account is never blocked, you download the Onlytik apk from our website.

download only tik mod apk

Easy to use

When you decide to use any app for your entertainment, you want to use it before using any app. It is necessary for you that before using this app, you must learn how to use this app. We tell you that it is a similar app to tiktok. Therefore you can easily learn all functions and uses of this app. You can gain more popularity with the help of this app. Thus you can read our article and enjoy all features of this app.

First, you can only tik apk download from the internet completely free. You can download this app without any money or cash. As well as that, when you download this app then, you create a verification account in a very easy way. You did not face any difficulty in creating an account. After this, you can create many videos with different content. As well as that, you must see a lot of content provided by this app. Remember that you did not use this app if you are below 18 years old because this app provides adult shorts videos.

A lot of Features

When you download the Onlytik apk, then you get many features. But if you want to get all the features, use this app properly. Therefore we provide all features in detail in these articles.

Create hot videos

Keep in mind that download only tik apk is the adult version of only tik tok app. When you use the original tik tok app, then this app is never allowed to share or create hot and adult videos if you want to share adult videos because it is the only app allowed to create and share adult videos and shorts for your account.

Share videos

When you use any social apps, you can create and share videos. But many apps provide very difficult ways to share videos. But when you use only tik apk latest version, you can easily share it with your friends. When you complete your videos, you also set many effects on them. Then you never need to pass through any difficult process. You need to click the share button then your video automatically shares with your friends.

Add templates to videos

When you use your social account, then it is the easiest way to gain popularity all over the world. Thus you need to make amazing and beautiful videos. When you start to create your videos, you need to add many different templates. This app provides a lot of new style templates for your videos. In only tik mod apk you can easily gain high popularity from these videos and shorts.

100% safe app

Many other video apps need to be safer for your videos. When you create your videos then, suddenly, your apps are closed. Therefore all your videos crash or finish from the app. But when you use the only tik download apk. Then you’re all videos are safe in the app. If your app suddenly closes, then your videos are safe from the app.

Easy to install

The installation process of this app is very easy. You follow some steps for the installation process. First of all, you must open your internet. Now you must write the name of this app on the search engine. Now you can open our website. Then you click on the download button. Then your downloading will start. After some time, your downloading will complete. Now you must enjoy all features of this app.


Many apps you may use for creating videos. As you know, the new generation is very interested in adult videos. Therefore the developers are developing a new version of the famous app tik tok. The name of this app is only tik apk. In this app, you can share your hot and adult shorts videos. When you use the original app then, it is never allowed to adult videos.

It blocks your account. But when you use this app, you will share all types of videos. But remember that if you are below 18 years old, Then you can’t use this app. The developers add many templates and effects for your videos. When you create your videos, you add these templates to make your video more attractive. Therefore we want to use this app and gain high popularity worldwide through this app.

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